3 Pack Of Medium For Roast Dark Mournings
3 Pack Of Medium For Roast Dark Mournings
3 Pack Of Medium For Roast Dark Mournings
3 Pack Of Medium For Roast Dark Mournings

3 Pack Of Medium For Roast Dark Mournings

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When the sunlight graces your ugly mug at the buttcrack of dawn… it’s time to grab that 3 pack of Medium Roast, For Dark Mournings.

Quit being a shmuck, and face your inner demons like a champ! With each sip… snuff out those annoying early birds who get’r done before you even awake from your dusty crypt. 


Medium Roast, For Dark Mournings is a bold tasting, low acid blend of varied roast levels and humble origins. Combining only the finest arabica beans from Brazilian and Mexican family-run cooperatives, you can be certain that the brujeria enchantments hold steady as you guzzle down this black liquid gold... made of blood.

Our lawyers have asked us to tell you that there isn't any actual blood in this coffee, but it helped make the point right? So grab you a cup, and wake the f*** up! Errr... grab a bag and... don't make me nag? No no, let's go with the first one. 

Medium Roast, For Dark Mournings is blended to exorcise the spirits that reside in the abyss that is your heart, all in order to help you face even your darkest of days.

With whole notes of:
- Butterscotch
- Dark Chocolate
- Smoke Caramel
- Fire & Jetfuel
- Dates 
- Molasses

Are you ready to get Roasted? 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
James Lee
The sweet, slow release of pleasure

This should be registered with the DEA, cause it's way better than any drug and you won't have the nargly after effects like rotting teeth. You might twitch though after you recover from the ball kicking it'll give you.

Great taste

I’m very picky with my coffee and I love it! It’s not bitter or acidic. Very smooth with a great taste.

Liah Foster
Best coffee. Hands down.

I'm a coffee snob, and I have a temperamental stomach when it comes to acidity. When I tell you I don't need cream or sugar with this, I'm not kidding. It's *chef kiss* in a bag. Can't wait for the 2lb to come out so I can stock that up instead of all the smaller bags!
You won't be disappointed.

George Irvine
Absolutely delightful!

Got a bag, demolished it. Had to get 3 more ! Such good coffee, flavourful and strong and a welcoming beverage all-around. 12/10 !

Kyle Frovarp
Amazing coffee!!!

Coffee as good as Dan’s riffs!!!