Home Position | A Picking-Hand Guide

Home Position | A Picking-Hand Guide

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"Home Position" is potentially the most potent book I have to offer yet 💊 💉 

This is an incredibly helpful book for applying my pick-hand interfacing concept designed to utilize the sweet spots of your instrument.

By viewing the issue from a Guitar & Human Anatomy standpoint, we can begin to piece together this intricate, yet simple approach to making you sound and play better! 

This book comes with a digital download of 3 intricate pick-twisting exercises in GuitarPro 5/6/7 Formats, along with a PDF version, and 11 Audio Demonstration tracks for you to play along to 🚀

And as usual, you'll always have access to hitting me up to get more insight and help, if you end up hitting a wall, or simply needing a helping hand! 

That's what I'm here for - and I love every second that we get to chat and dive into deep music discussions 💡

Enjoy the book! I know it's in your cart already ;) 

- Dan Sugarman