ShredEx Beanie

ShredEx Beanie

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Finally, you can rest your pretty little head when you buy this 100% made of beanie, beanie.

Not only will you be immune to wolf attacks, but you’ll look better than everyone else while keep your ears nice and toasty. 

No gimmicks. I won’t give you a cool story about how the orange and purple threads on this beanie is made from pure angel hair.

It wouldn’t matter to you that the angle hair itself is in its own way a protective shield against all bad energies, thoughts, deities, spiritual attacks, and viruses. Don’t forget to mention the wolves. Always mention the wolves.

You could probably already put two and two together, but yes - this is the same threading that was used by Jon Snow, and Braveheart - knitted into their manly kilts.

Stay warm you dirty f****************

(Our lawyers have stated that we have to mention that we are not Doctors//Bear Grylls, and claiming that this beanie will protect you from death and wolves is ill advised, and at your own risk... but its so much more fun that way)